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Speaking With Presence

Do you want to be an engaging presenter that commands the rooms attention when you speak? Or do you just want to give a power-point presentation to your colleagues without considering quitting so that you won’t have to? For each and everything in between, this course is for you.

Everyone sees the value in learning communication skills but not everyone knows where to look to truly transform the way they engage with an audience. Speaking With Presence is an opportunity for those who aspire to better their ability to communicate in front of groups of all sizes. In this set of workshops, you will learn how to become a more intuitive public speaker in a fun, engaging environment.


The individuals that leave our workshops get more than ‘networking’ – they become a close group who builds a sense of community and trust for one another.


This training will help you learn:


  • How anxiety affects our ability to communicate to others, and how to overcome it
  • How to instill humor into presentations and become truly present and engaging
  • How to learn to trust yourself- the secret behind true authenticity

Byproducts of the workshop:

  • Networking on steroids. Your fellow workshop participants will quickly become lasting friends
  • Increased skill in interpersonal communication
  • A workshop like you’ve never experienced!


Black Box Improv Theater – Dayton, Ohio 

February 24th and March 3rd 10am to 2pm

Price for individual – $295
Sign up with a friend and save – $498/pair ($249/person)
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Additional Details

This course consists of two, four-hour sessions taking place on consecutive Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. A light lunch will be provided during a 12pm break. No need to bring anything- a confirmation email with further details will be sent to you upon sign up.

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