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With our launching point being improvisational theater, we are experts at entertaining crowds.  That said, we recognize that a comedic approach is the icing on a memorable keynote, not the foundation. Our keynotes are geared toward delivering “ah ha” moments where the audience leaves seeing the world in a new way and feeling motivated to do something about it.  Here are the keynotes we can deliver to your organization, each able to fill a 60 to 90 minute period.

You’re Not A Cow, You’re A Fat Horse

This keynote is based on our soon to be released book. The concept centers around a commonly uttered phrase “You guys are so _______ (funny, clever, quick witted, etc), I could never do that”. It challenges the notion that we are held back by unchangeable qualities and therefore cannot and should not aspire to more. This topic touches on the areas of listening, quick thinking creativity and teamwork.

As is the case with group training, we work with organizations to customize the keynote to address specific areas of interest for your organization.

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