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Group Training

What we do is very individualized and customizable. Below are some examples of trainings and sessions that we have put together and performed for former and ongoing clients. If one of these specific options interests you, let us know. Otherwise read about what we do, what we teach, and how we can work together to help transform the way your organization communicates and functions. Emerge Improv training is experience-based training. We are all about creating experiences for individuals and generating results for the entire organization.

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Why improv? Well, in order to be a good improviser, you need to be an amazing communicator and the thing that improv is really good at doing is getting everyone involved, engaged, and having fun doing it. This creates an ideal learning environment where everyone leaves feeling apart of something and having learned new skills to take into every aspect of their lives. This training doesn’t require anyone to be funny and will not embarrass anyone. In fact, we do the opposite; we build people up and put them in a situation that allows themselves to see that they are capable of much more than they ever thought they were. These workshops help individuals understand, and then refine, the way we intuitively go about communicating.

  • Individual Digital Modules

    We offer an expansive set of digital training modules designed specifically for individuals. These modules are compiled strategically to create as many experiential learning moments as possible and have exercises that can be done on one’s own. These modules are an incredible way to bring training to every person within an organization. They can be rolled out as a company desires, or can be strategically delivered along with live webinars to provide answers to questions and to address challenges that the exercises might have presented. Live webinars are recorded and delivered to companies for those who couldn’t make the scheduled time for the live version.

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