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Group Training

Maxing out at 30 participants with 1 facilitator or 60 with 2 facilitators, these workshops are aimed at working closely specific teams.  Some of the topics we focus on are:

-Understanding one’s natural inclinations in communication
-Improving verbal listening skills and recognizing the impact they have on others
-Recognizing and immediately evaluating the non verbal cues of those around you
-Unwrapping the complexity of quick thinking debunking that some can think quickly and others cannot
-Experiencing teamwork at the highest level and how to facilitate great teams while being a selfless participant


We offer a progressive training plan as well as customized versions meant to focus on only one or two of the above mentioned topics. These various versions have been used to create trainings such as Diversity Training, Leadership Training,  and more. For groups larger than 60, we will customize a keynote address with exercises that can work with large numbers.


  • Individual Digital Modules

    We offer an expansive set of digital modules designed specifically for individuals. These modules are compiled strategically to create as many experiential learning moments as possible and have exercises that can be done on one’s own. These modules are an incredible way to bring training to every person within an organization. They can be rolled out as a company desires, or can be strategically delivered along with live webinars to provide answers to questions and to address challenges that the exercises might have presented. Live webinars are recorded and delivered to companies for those who couldn’t make the scheduled time for the live version.

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