What we offer

We don't offer training that can just check off boxes for companies and individuals. We want to truly transform the way people communicate and work within groups. The human mind is a complex system - so we offer a variety of ways to approach training to ensure that everyone gets the same transformational experience. Within each approach, we provide a structure that guarantees results while also customizing training to the uniqueness of the group. Click through the different sections and see what connects with you.

Group Training

Executive Teams / Leadership Teams

Maxing out at 30 participants with 1 facilitator or 60 with 2 facilitators, these workshops are aimed at working closely specific teams.  Some of the topics we focus on are:

Understanding one’s natural inclinations in communication
Improving verbal listening skills and recognizing the impact they have on others
Recognizing and immediately evaluating the non-verbal cues of others
Unwrapping the complexity of quick-thinking by debunking the myth that some can think quickly and others cannot
Experiencing teamwork at the highest level by learning how to facilitate great teams while also being a selfless participant

We offer a progressive training plan along with customized versions that focus on one or two of the above mentioned topics. These customized versions have been used to create workshops such as Diversity Training, Leadership Training,  and more. For groups larger than 60, we will customize a keynote address with exercises that can work with large numbers.

Individual Digital Modules

We offer an expansive set of digital modules designed specifically for individuals. These modules are strategically compiled both to create as many experiential learning moments as possible and to have exercises that can be done on one’s own. These modules are an ideal way to bring training to every person within an organization. Companies have the option to include our live webinars in order to provide answers to questions and to address challenges that the exercises may have presented. These webinar sessions are recorded and given to individuals who could not make the scheduled live version.


Keynote Speeches

Your Organization

With our roots being in improvisational theater, we are experts at entertaining crowds.  That said, we recognize that a comedic approach is the icing on a memorable keynote – not the foundation. Our keynotes are geared toward delivering “ah-ha” moments, where the audience leaves seeing the world in a new way and feeling motivated to do something about it.  Here is an example of a keynote we can deliver to your organization, which is able to fill a 60 to 90-minute period.

You’re Not A Cow, You’re A Fat Horse

The concept centers around a commonly uttered phrase “You guys are so _______ (funny, clever, quick witted, etc), I could never do that”.  It challenges the notion that we are held back by unchangeable qualities and therefore cannot and should not aspire to more.  This topic touches on the areas of listening, quick-thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

Similar to group training, we work with organizations to customize the keynote to address specific areas of interest for your organization.


Individual Coaching


What We Do:

We work one-on-one with individuals to reach their potential in the areas of communication, leadership, and authentic confidence. Our process starts with an assessment – ideally held in person. From there, a plan is compiled that typically involves a monthly meeting point, ongoing homework, and followups. Each coaching engagement is centered around a six-month to one-year commitment.

What We Don’t Do:

-We do not offer career counseling

-We do not offer performance coaching

-We do not coach your kid’s soccer team

EmergeImprov Training

We have several specific skills trainings on communication skills, teamwork, leadership, public speaking, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique trainings using all of the skills we have available in order to meet each clients specific needs. Open up dialogue with us and let’s work together to create exactly what your organization needs.

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