Emerge Improv training is experience-based training. We are all about creating experiences for individuals and generating results for the entire organization. Below are some of our workshops we offer with a brief description of each. We are capable of tweaking and customizing workshops to meet your organizations specific needs.


These are great for all-company meetings and groups that are too large to do a workshop with. The topic a keynote is very customized to the companies current goals and vision. Scroll down below to see an example keynote.

Digital Training

It can be difficult to continue the lessons learned from an in-person workshop on your own. That’s why we created a comprehensive digital training platform to be able to make lasting changes for individuals which include videos, takeaway sheets, homework assignments, and more.

What we offer

We don't offer training that can just check off boxes for companies and individuals. We want to truly transform the way people communicate and work within groups. The human mind is a complex system - so we offer a variety of ways to approach training to ensure that everyone gets the same transformational experience. Within each approach, we provide a structure that guarantees results while also customizing training to the uniqueness of the group.


Adaptability In Communication

Adaptability is the highest demonstration of competence and this workshop will take you through all the skills needed to master being adaptable.

Innovation Starters

In this workshop, we work with your group to give them the skills and techniques to use in thinking outside of the box, creating something new, and truly innovating.The individuals in the session will leave with valuable skills but also a fully-formed idea that can help your organization going forward.

Effective Storytelling

In a world that doesn’t listen, it’s more important than ever that you can convey your message, your idea, effectively and clearly. This workshop will engage participants and challenge them to communicate their everyday ideas in an effective way that influences others around them.

Leading From The Stage

Leadership is about more than just being able to tell others what to do - it’s about leading by example. This workshop explores what it means to lead while also contributing to the team.


EmergeImprov Training

Emerge Improv has the flexibility to create unique trainings to meet the specific needs of your organization. With offices in Dayton, OH and Atlanta, GA – we will also travel to you!

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Agility in communication is crucial for a growing company and workforce. This keynote address given to Alternate Solutions Health Network by Justin Howard focused on the challenges faced, and ability to adapt, with growth. Skills covered in this talk include communication, listening, and teamwork.



Each keynote can be form and fitted to your organizations specific needs – contact us about your biggest need!