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We don't offer training that can just check off boxes for companies and individuals. We want to truly transform the way people communicate and work within groups. The human mind is a complex system - so we offer a variety of ways to approach training to ensure that everyone gets the same transformational experience. Within each approach, we provide a structure that guarantees results while also customizing training to the uniqueness of the group. Click through the different sections and see what connects with you.

Workshop Still

What we do is very individualized and customizable. Below are some examples of trainings and sessions that we have put together and performed for former and ongoing clients. If one of these specific options interests you, let us know. Otherwise read about what we do, what we teach, and how we can work together to help transform the way your organization communicates and functions. Emerge Improv training is experience-based training. We are all about creating experiences for individuals and generating results for the entire organization.

Adaptability in Communication

This course is designed to change the way participants view communication. In it, we work on all aspects of proper communication and create several ‘a-ha’ moments of realization including our current, abysmal level at which we listen to others. Skills Covered: Listening, Teamwork

Leading From the Stage

Leadership is about more than being able to tell others what to do- it’s about leading by example. This workshop explores what it means to lead while also contributing to the team. Skills Covered: Leadership, Communication

Speaking With Presence

Presentation skills are highly-sought after in todays world due to our crippling fears of public speaking. Speaking with Presence is a workshop designed to bring out the authentic speaker within each of us. The idea is simple: anyone can improve in the set of skills that it requires to be able display presence and speak with authority. Skills covered: Communication, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills

Authentic Communicators Course

This set of 6 half-day trainings combines many elements of other workshops in order to truly develop and change the way individuals and teams intuitively operate. Skills covered include verbal and non-verbal listening, teamwork, quick-thinking, and confidence. By the end of the last day, participants will not just view communication differently – they will live it.

Keynotes Screenshot

With our roots being in improvisational theater, we are experts at entertaining crowds.  That said, we recognize that a comedic approach is the icing on a memorable keynote – not the foundation. Our keynotes are geared toward delivering “ah-ha” moments, where the audience leaves seeing the world in a new way and feeling motivated to do something about it.

The concepts center around a commonly uttered phrase “You guys are so _______ (funny, clever, quick witted, etc), I could never do that”.  It challenges the notion that we are held back by unchangeable qualities and therefore cannot and should not aspire to more.  Topics touche on the areas of listening, quick-thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

Similar to group training, we work with organizations to customize the keynote to address specific areas of interest for your organization.


EmergeImprov Training

We have several specific skills trainings on communication skills, teamwork, leadership, public speaking, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to create unique trainings using all of the skills we have available in order to meet each clients specific needs. Open up dialogue with us and let’s work together to create exactly what your organization needs.

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